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A Snapshot of My Crazy, But Happy Life. – Ramblings from. –  · A Snapshot of My Crazy, But Happy Life. For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I sometimes write about the goings on in my life. And so I begin the post with fair warning- if you are looking for gardening content – there will be some, but not a lot.

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Tag: technology – technology – Ramblings – Although my slight addiction to technology might suggest otherwise, there were only ever two gadgets I really wanted in my life: my own typewriter and unlimited access to a card catalog. Not too. For instance, Google Buzz simply swooped in .

‘You Can’t Flinch’: David Crosby Reflects On Music, Misdeeds And Making The Most Of What’s Left – It’s more like, if you want to learn from your life. I Could Only Remember My Name,’ his first solo album. And then of.

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Mandolin Orange Carry On the Rambling Tradition :: Music :: Mandolin. – With Blindfaller, the indie folk duo's fourth studio album, rambling as a subject matter. There's a reckoning with stability that occurs, and as tempting a life as the. “I definitely could not put all of my possessions in a bag,” he says, laughing.. “That's what we try to do in the studio, capture that instance when.

My Amazing Crazy Life – The ramblings of a modern woman. – Hello my friends, it’s been quite a while. Where does the time go? Life gets crazy what can I say? Probably you’re about to be subject to lots of rambling thoughts, I have no idea what’s about to pour out on this page.

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My own personal ramblings about my insane life – I’m new to blogging I have 3 kidsWe have 4 petsI’m only slightly obsessed with Pokmon GoI make soap and chapstickI live in a very small town in northern Minnesota I can see northern lights and the Milky Way where I liveAnd swearing. Swearing’s my favorite!

Ke$ha Brings ‘My Crazy Beautiful Life’ To MTV: Watch A Preview! – Ke$ha is teaming with MTV to give fans a look inside her fabulous, freaky – and frequently furry – world with a brand-new documentary series, called (rather appropriately) "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful.

When I Was Struggling to Get Sober, This Is How My Sister Showed Her Unwavering Love – But when my sister spoke these words to me, I felt a little less crazy and a little less worthless. I wanted to give up.

The Kmiec Ramblings – Opinions And Ramblings By Adam Kmiec. – Covering media, tech, advertising, and marketing, these are the ramblings, musings, In this instance, if you want social media to be a cesspool of stupidity,. Some of the best moments in my life were spent on my drives home, talking with.

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